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Quran karim mp3


Quran karim mp3 is to listen online and offline for surah downloaded on your deviceHoly quran recited by 95 famous reciters :
Abderrahman Soudais ( Abdul Rahman Al Sudais - )Abdel Baset Samad Abde ( Abdelbaset Abdessamad )Saad Al- Ghamdi ( saad al Ghamidi )Maher Almaikulai ( maher maaiqli )Mashary ( Mishary Al- Afasi )Yasser Al DosariAhmad Al AjmiSaud Al- ShuraimFares AbbadNasser Al Qatamireciter YassinHatem Farid Allowaar ( Alwaer )Abu Bakr al ShatriAhmed al hawashyAhmed khodr attarabolsiAbdelaziz Al -AhmadAbdellah Al- MatroudMohamed El Seddik ManchaouiMustafa Al LahoniMustafa Raad AlazawySalah Al BedairNabil Al RifayKhaled Al JalilIdress Abkar ( Idriss Abkar )
And the other list is long
Listen and download free chapters of the Quran karim
Application Features:
- Listen Quran Suras without internet for surah downloaded to your device using the same application- Share app- Quick access to player surah from the notification bar.- Stop reading surah when someone calls you.- Listen Sura in background- Download current sura or more- Surah Index already downloaded as a green arrow image- Display number of surah downloaded for each reciter- Display number of ayats for all surah
Important: You must be connected to the internet to listen and download the surah
The content of the application is 95 reciters
The complete Quran make over 1 GB in size95 reciters it will make more than 95 GO
If we create an application included all mp3: then we will make an application more than 95 GBPerson can download such an application because the devices do not have large storage
That is why we have added the possibility to download surahs on device so we can listen without connecting to the Internet